About Me

It has become a bit of a cliche for photographers to describe themselves as storytellers, but I honestly believe that all art is born out of the need to share stories. I was lucky that early on in life I had mentors who taught me the art of storytelling in the classic sense. Every summer I would gather out in the woods with friends and witness these mentors telling stories at night around a campfire. A very ancient human practice. That mentorship has infused everything I’ve done since.

I found photography while was running around NYC as a performer—between auditions and day jobs—taking photos of the city with a small digital camera. A few years into it I decided to provide this service to the creative types around me—performers, models, bloggers, chefs…anyone with a story to tell.

A clean, vibrant look comes through in my work, reflecting the energy of the client. Besides portrait and lifestyle shoots, I like to spend time out on the streets capturing daily life for inspiration.

When I work with a client, the goal is always to find out as much as I can about where they are in life and what they want to portray—what story they are trying to tell. Whether you are looking for a simple portrait, headshot, or lifestyle shoot, your photographs should reflect a true sense of you who are. I think that’s what I am drawn to portraiture, because I like capturing the essence of that person. And that gives the photograph an undeniably magnetic quality.

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